We’ve launched a new edition of our toolkit aimed at encouraging more young people in to volunteering within health and social care. Aimed at health and social care organisations, the toolkit is designed to foster and support ambitious initiatives with practical advice, easy to follow guidance and inspirational case studies.

First released in 2014, we’ve updated the toolkit in partnership with the #iwill campaign and the National Association of Voluntary Services Managers (NAVSM), taking in to account the changing policy landscape and learning from the work of trailblazing trusts, charities  and further initiatives. The publication has been produced with funding and support from the Department for Health and Social Care, NHS England and NHS Improvement.

We launched it as part of the national #iwill week at an event hosted by the #iwill campaign and NHS England to explore how youth social action can support priorities within the new long-term plan of the NHS.

Susie Williams, an #iwill ambassador and NHS Youth Forum Alumna said: “This toolkit is an excellent resource with fantastic tips on how to provide social action opportunities for young people within health and social care, with many exemplar case studies from around the country. The importance of giving young people a platform to express their views, engage in their wellbeing and give back to the community can’t be emphasised enough”.

Oonagh Aitken, Chief Executive of Volunteering Matters added “We want social action and volunteering to be part of the everyday lives of young people, improving the health and wellbeing of everyone. This new and improved toolkit will help to do just that – supporting more initiatives and organisations to make the most of youth social action and volunteering in health and social care.”

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