Young people volunteer
Is Szoneberg – Director of Volunteering Operations AT VOLUNTEERING MATTERS

#GivingTuesday is approaching –  the global day of giving and an opportunity to come together to show the world why it’s good to give.

At first you might think it’s about donating money to worthy causes, rather than (or making up for) spending it on huge flat screen TVs.  But it’s also about giving your time to those worthy causes.

Here at Volunteering Matters, we know how important it is for people to give their time to those who need it. We believe that by giving time through volunteering, we can strengthen communities, and decrease loneliness.  As people move homes, jobs, experience bereavement and unemployment and society becomes fractured, the importance of strengthening ties in order to build more supportive networks is stronger than ever.

Through our 150 volunteering projects nationwide, we already enable over 35,000 volunteers to give to their communities; this can be through befriending, hospital visits, mentoring and so on. That’s 35,000 passionate volunteers who we recruit, train and retain – all enabling countless more people  to live independent and happier lives.

By volunteering, you’re not only helping other people, you’re also helping yourself. Volunteering Matters’ (as the name might suggest) core belief is in the transformative power and reciprocal benefit of volunteering.  The case studies on our website back this up – from Lisa, a full time volunteer befriending older people  “I always learnt something new during every visit” to Tegan, who volunteers on our Sex Matters Too project delivering peer-led sexual health classes “volunteering has really boosted my self-esteem and confidence.

On this Giving Tuesday, we encourage you to spare some time and take up volunteering. You can find your closest Volunteering Matters volunteering opportunity on our website.  In the spirit of GIVING though, we would point out you don’t  just have to volunteer with us – take a look at places like for further inspiration.

But come what may, give today and make a difference to someone’s future. Maybe your own.

(Blog originally posted on the #GivingTuesday website)