Jacqueline- Volunteers supporting Families

We think the best way to find out about our work is to hear directly from the people involved in volunteering projects across the UK. These inspirational stories from our volunteers will give you an insight into how our volunteers are helping to transform lives and change communities across the UK.

Positive Futures London: Pauline’s Story

‘Taking part in recording Youth Cast encouraged me to speak out and become more involved, when I didn’t really think of it before, as I’m a bit new to volunteering.’

Full-Time Volunteering: Carers’ Support Bexley

The role of a Full-Time Volunteer (FTV) can be very varied, and supporting full-time carers is just one of the ways that FTVs provide incredible support to those they volunteer with. Volunteering Matters has been working with Carers’ Support Bexley for over 20 years (back when we were known as Community Service Volunteers!) and we … Continued

Volunteers Supporting Families: Wendy’s Story

Wendy made a great impact on a local family, adding a personal mentoring role to the social services support they received. Wendy’s volunteering experience has also transformed her career.