We regularly post blogs from our own staff, volunteers and key figures in the voluntary sector. Have a browse of our recent blog entries below.
Full-time volunteers - Our response to the Holliday review

Our response to the Holliday review of Full Time Social Action

This weekend Steve Holliday released his independent review of Full Time Social Action. Here our Chief Executive Oonagh Aitken responds on behalf of Volunteering Matters, the UK's leading provider of full time volunteering opportunities. 

The changing face of volunteering in later life

Our Chief Executive Oonagh Aitken is a keynote speaker at the Volunteer Management Conference 2018. In advance she was asked to consider the changing face of volunteering in later life.

New Year, Volunteer!

Our Head of Communications Alison Harvie on how to get that New Year’s resolution off the page and into action.

Introducing Older People’s Focus Week

This week we are focusing on our life changing work with retired and older people. Instead of simply listing all the amazing work we do in this area, we thought we'd introduce the week by asking one of our younger members of staff to sum up why this pillar of work is so important to him, and us.

Corporate Volunteering: an international comparison

Our Employee Volunteering Development Manager, Dr Angela Schlenkhoff‑Hus recently contributed a chapter on corporate volunteering around the globe to an international volume. In this blog she draws out key findings, and food for thought, from her research and literature review. 
Mind matters

Shaping the future of mental health for young people in Torfaen

Volunteering Matters is hosting an event for young people to mark World Mental Health Day today. Sianne Morgan, Development Manager at Volunteering Matters tells us why the Mind Matters project is so important for young people across Torfaen, Wales.

Grenfell Tower and the contribution of volunteers

Gethyn Williams was Co-Chair of the National Network of Volunteer Involving Agencies (NNVIA), and in August he reflected on what we can learn from the contribution of volunteers in the immediate aftermath of the Grenfell Tower disaster.