‘I’m Ruby, and I’m 19 years old. I first got in involved with Grandmentors in 2018 when I was matched with my mentor Bindi who I started meeting once a week. We would meet for a coffee at Costa and speak about lots of stuff, like what I’ve been doing recently, and the course I was doing at college. 

For some young people it takes quite a while to open up to a mentor, and although it was a new experience I think we settled in quite well. Our conversations (also over the phone or email) were often quite personal which I feel helped in developing a good relationship from the start, because I really felt that Bindi was there for me and would be able to help me with any issue. It definitely helped meeting regularly and knowing she was consistently there to support me.

My main goal when I met Bindi was to get into university and study something I was excited about. From the beginning she supported me tremendously through this process. We went to university events and open days to get a feel for the places and this gave me a clearer understanding of what I actually wanted to go into. This year I’ve started studying for a degree in social work at Oxford Brookes University, and I feel without Bindi I wouldn’t be on the path I am today. So, I am very thankful for her support. 

Now I’ve achieved those goals I feel like I can do anything!’

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