Adam (not his real name) has been instrumental in shaping and influencing the work of Team London Young Ambassadors at Kingston Mencap. Adam was very engaged and open about his own experiences with mental health problems and wanting to provide a safe space for others to feel safe and supported through their own struggles. Adam had already been working on a mental health plan for a couple of weeks prior to starting Team London Young Ambassadors (TLYA), and after week one, he had a plan developed for the project. His initial idea was the catalyst for the TLYA project, as everyone became more open and shared their own experiences with mental health. This was something that the whole group was passionate about but just needed the confidence to push for it.

Adam went on to lead the development of the project, as well as join in on #iwill meetings. Adam has taken a real leadership role and shown his confidence and skills in leading the group throughout this project, and leading conversations and ideas.

When asked what he has enjoyed about the project, Adam said

“It has given me something to look forward to. Before this, I didn’t really have anything that I was excited for or looked forward to in my day, but now I really like doing this project and working on it when I can.”