Erasmus+ Volunteering projects allow young people aged 17-30 to take part in unpaid and Full-Time Volunteering activities for up to 12 months in another country within or outside the European Union. 

‘I just finished school and wanted to do an EVS in the UK, and that’s also how I heard about Volunteering Matters. My personal opinion about volunteering is that I am able to support and help others actively so I should make use of it.

Many people need some support – and it doesn’t matter how small it is. Everyone should be encouraged to live a independent and ‘normal’ life, especially those with some difficulties and that’s where we as volunteers want to help. It might not be easy, sometimes a bit challenging but in my eyes it is a “Win win”-Situation for both sides. I actively get involved in making life’s easier and on the other hand I gain so much valuable experience to strengthen my self. It is so nice to see what you can change. And how much every little helps.’

Mario’s placement in the UK was made possible through Erasmus+ Volunteering Projects funding, often referred to as EVS (European Voluntary Service).