“My name is Georgia and I am 16 years old. Many people would describe my personality as probably very bubbly, always laughing and very loud! My favourite thing to do is to smile and make people happy. I am a very outgoing person who is always looking for new ways to challenge myself.

I have always wanted to go above and beyond to help support people throughout my life which is why I wanted to volunteer. When I heard about this opportunity, I was excited that there was an organisation that I could be a part of. When I read about the work that Volunteering Matters was doing, I was amazed, which inspired me to get involved in their projects. I thought it would also a good opportunity for me to develop new skills, experiences and join a new community.

I am also really interested into going into psychology for a career so I believe this is really suited to my interests and my future aspirations (especially the Mind Matters programme which is one of the projects I am going to volunteer for). Today, I know that there are a lot of people who are suffering with a variety of issues and are especially finding it difficult in the current circumstances, as it can be triggering for people and their issues could potentially be worsened also.

I understand how crucial it is that people who are suffering get the support they deserve and so do not have to face anything alone. The role gives me the opportunity to fill the internet with positivity, support and guidance to help people realise that there are people there to support them. I am hoping to gain the knowledge that I have been able to make a positive impact to someone’s wellbeing, even if it is just one person, which will make me really happy and proud.

Example of Georgia's digital content
Example of Georgia’s digital content

So far, I have really enjoyed beginning my journey on the SAFE and Mind Matters programme. It has been really interesting to read the resources provided by Volunteering Matters to help me gain knowledge about the topics involved. The training was very interactive and explained clearly which made it enjoyable to look through as nothing was too complicated. It was important for me to understand the concept behind issues that are prominent in today’s society, so it will then help me to be able to apply my knowledge I have learnt to a variety of situations. As I now have an insight into these, I am excited that I can use the skills and knowledge I have picked up along the way to begin to make a positive difference to people.”