In July, our Employee Volunteering team matched a volunteer team of executive management staff from QBE Business Insurance with Bridge Renewal Trust, a Haringey-based charity and social enterprise which delivers programmes for local individuals and organisations in four key areas: Whole Health Services, Community Empowerment & Enablement, Community Empowerment and Community Impact.

Over three years, staffing numbers at Bridge Renewal Trust had increased from 3 to 30, and so they were looking for ways to help staff get to know each other and work better together. They were also experiencing some challenges with the running of their community centre. The QBE team prepared and delivered an interactive staff development workshop followed by a brainstorming session with senior management.  The day was a great success on both sides, with everyone left buzzing from the experience and eager to develop the relationship further.

Geoffrey Ocen, Bridge Renewal Trust Chief Executive, said:

 “Our staff were fascinated to hear about the QBE Business Insurance team’s experiences and how some of the challenges are shared! The team building event was fun and productive. The brainstorming session with senior managers really helped us to identify key areas to work on to help our centre become more attractive, viable and sustainable.”

Whilst you’re here…

Recently EV Development Manager, Dr Angela Schlenkhoff‑Hus, contributed a chapter in 2017 on corporate volunteering around the globe to an international volume. In this blog she draws out key findings, and food for thought, from her research and literature review.

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