Volunteers meeting online

The pandemic hasn’t stopped young people taking part and learning more about the world of work from our Employee Volunteering workshops! Although we’ve had to move online, we’ve made sure people can still benefit from developing employability skills to become more confident and ready for the future.

We have been running Virtual Speed Careers Workshops in partnership with Deutsche Bank and Mulberry Academy Shoreditch, using the power of volunteer experience to help students’ career development by giving the opportunity to explore potential job roles.

'It's taught me that it’s okay not to have your future fully planned out if you aren’t sure on certain things.'

“It gives more of an insight as to what the future holds, and taught me that it’s okay not to have your future fully planned out and if you aren’t sure on certain things.” – Student, Mulberry Academy Shoreditch

No one can explain the impact of the workshops better than those taking part.

“The virtual workshop is extremely important during lockdown, whilst the world has stood still the young people will be 17 only once and will soon be completing UCAS and apprenticeship applications. Now is a really important time for them to make these choices in an informed way. The medium of Zoom is also developing real life workplace skills such as operating in a meeting, using technology, listening and communication skills (…) Honestly I feel like the students have gotten so much out of this, maybe even more than a face to face.” Angela Wallace (Deputy principal, Mulberry Academy Shoreditch)

“During this period, young people are missing out on external interactions and work experience opportunities so being part of a virtual discussion and interactions with people in the industry are a good alternative and hopefully provided insights into the wide range of career options for the students.” Indrani Rana (Volunteer, Deutsche Bank)

What volunteers are saying…

“Running the virtual speed careers workshop was a fantastic experience which enriched me personally during lockdown. Understanding the career aspirations and goals of young people and helping them focus this whilst sharing my own career journey and advice was incredibly fulfilling. I would not hesitate to volunteer again!” – Meryl Harland (Team Leader, Deutsche Bank)Quote from text

“The questions asked by students are often thought-provoking and help me reflect on my experiences and learnings. Also, getting in touch with young people from a diverse set of backgrounds can be very helpful for employers to understand their needs, aspirations and challenges and help create more inclusive work environments.” – Soumya Singh (Deutsche Bank Volunteer)

The workshop was delivered in an interview-style session in which the students had the opportunity to ask career-based questions. It allowed the students to have access to positive role models and to explore different employment paths.

The students were not the only ones benefiting. The volunteers had the opportunity to reflect on their career paths and to gain memorable experiences by making a real impact on the community!

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