Our three year corporate strategy, taking us from October 2017 to October 2020, follows on from the eighteen month strategy published in May 2016. In volatile times – politically, socially and economically – we maintain the importance of focusing on big, long term national challenges. Our strategy promotes volunteering interventions that meet major shifts in demography, in the economy and in our cultural and social lives.

We are a mission driven organisation that invests in volunteering in order to build a stronger and more inclusive society. To do this, we act strategically, making decisions coherently and consistently, based on a clear analysis of where we are and where we want to go.

Firstly, this strategy addresses the challenge and opportunity of an ageing society. Volunteering has a key role in helping our longer lives to be healthier and more satisfying. Secondly, our strategy recognises the challenge and opportunity presented by the changing nature of work, with rising self-employment, micro-enterprises, part-time employment and career switching. Volunteering can be important in building the relational skills and aptitudes that help people thrive in a modern economy. Finally we embrace the challenge and opportunity of increasing diversity. Volunteering is a critical way of bonding communities, bridging differences and fostering inclusion.

To meet these challenges and opportunities, the strategy sets out three strategic aims (consistent with the previous strategy):

  • Increase our reach and impact
  • Provide the best possible experience for volunteers and ensure that their voices are heard
  • Provide leadership on effective volunteering, influencing public policy and public service design

To meet these aims, each are supported by six strategic actions that will strengthen inclusion, deepen our local collaboration and amplify our influence.  And at all times our work will be underpinned by our organisational values of ambition, inclusion, collaboration, innovation and transparency.

Please download our plan, and join with us as we work to bring it to life.

Volunteering Matters Corporate Strategy 2017-20