Supported volunteering for disabled people

Having a physical or learning disability shouldn’t stop anyone volunteering. We support disabled young people and adults to actively volunteer and contribute to their local community, increasing their confidence and social and employability skills. Our volunteers also support and mentor disabled people to live independently, increase their social skills, gain confidence and improve their quality of life.

We run supported volunteering programmes offering direct opportunities to disabled people, such as volunteering in our Gallery Cafe and or across other Volunteering Matters programmes. We also work in partnership with local organisations and businesses to provide volunteer placements in diverse work environments such as retail, gardening and estate management, office and hospitals and animal sanctuaries.

To enable disabled volunteers to maximise their skills and future employability and education options we run a flexible training independence and skills course. This teaches skills including communication and socialising; meeting deadlines; travelling independently, keeping clean, healthy and safe and first aid.

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Our programmes

Supported volunteering in Norfolk (Futures, Vocal and Training Projects) Call 01366 385839 or

Supporting volunteering in London (Active Volunteering in Barnet Project) Call 0208 8400 ext 247 or email ACTIVE.VOLUNTEERING@VOLUNTEERINGMATTERS.ORG.UK

Supporting volunteering in ESSEX (Active Volunteering in Essex Project) Call 01268 419902 or emailTessa.Dallyn-roberts@VOLUNTEERINGMATTERS.ORG.UK